My Community

My Community strives to provide residents the opportunity to connect with each other as well as the local neighbourhood community. We also provide some broader information on activities in Singapore help new residents engage and participate. Building neighbourhood communities is important. Not only do they promote harmony and connection between residents, they also provide the foundation for improved property values. The content provided on the community pages is constantly growing based on resident and community feedback . If you have suggestions on content ideas or ways that we can improve connections within the estate and the neighbourhood we would love to hear them (click here).

Explore myCommunity to find general information about what is happening in Singapore and your local neighbourhood. This includes lots to see and do as well as ways to engage and volunteer in local community events as well as connect with other neighbourhood residents. We have also included some useful community guides that can help with getting to know all the information you need when navigating living in Singapore.


myNeighbourhood opens the door to activities, events and associations in your local neighbourhood. It also provides opportunities for you to connect with other residents inside and outside of the estate. Whether you are interested in volunteering or just participating you will get the chance to know what is happening within easy distance. Some of the information includes activities sponsored by the local neighbourhood committee (NC) as well as local attractions, facilities, shops and entertainment.

Community Guides

Whether you are new to Singapore or a local, finding your way around all the basics can sometimes be a challenge. Connecting to the right government department, getting your driver's license or just knowing all the useful phone numbers can result in a hours of searching and wasted phone calls. Community guides provides a wealth of information for residents to easily access the information they need in one handy location. We are constantly adding content with all the must have information to get you settled into living in Singapore so you do not have to waste time with the mundane things and focus on what really counts. With so many diverse nationalities in Singapore it is sometimes hard for new residents to appreciate the Singapore social norms and expectations. Community guides also provide advice on expectations of friendly neighbours so that we can all enjoy everything Singapore has to offer.

About Singapore

The about Singapore section provides general information on things to see and do in Singapore together with information on Singapore history and culture. Whether you are looking for something to do with the kids, a weekend activity or just some general information in Singapore you will find it here.